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O n l i n e  C a t a l o g: Gift Guide: Layers of Gifts - Insulation Layer Gifts

The Insulation Layer should provide warmth and breathability. The number of layers and weights depends on weather and/or water condtions, as well as activitiy level. See Base Layer Gifts for additional insulation.

Order Now $66.00

Paddling Sweater A warm fleece pullover sweater with a zippered crew neck and lycra trim.

Order Now $87.00

Lochsa Jacket A full zippered fleece jacket with hand-warmer pockets. Classic styling.

Order Now $55.00

Lochsa Pants Pull on fleece pants with elastic waist and drawstring.

Order Now $58.00

Lochsa Vest A full zippered fleece vest with hand-warmer pockets.

lochsa fleece pullover jacket/top

Order Now $90.00

South Fork T-Neck. A fleece pullover jacket features a deep placket zipper, zippered hand-warmer pockets and a stand-up collar.

Order Now $65.00

Lochsa Pocket Pants. Pull on fleece pants with elastic waist, drawstring, and two pockets

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