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Drysuit Gasket Replacement

As a service to our customers, we will replace the worn latex gaskets on your drysuit, drytops or dry pants for the fees shown below. Prices include gaskets and replacement. We use Longlife Latex Seals, which are made in the USA exclusively for O.S. Systems. Please specify small, standard, or extra large size on wrist or neck gaskets. We can also replace your ankle gaskets on drysuits with latex socks. Why? Latex socks = dry feet. Dry feet = warmer boating! Please specify men's shoe size (even if you're a woman) when ordering latex socks.

Send dry top or dry suit to:

Lochsa Connection
889 Big Cedar Rd
Kooskia, ID 83539

Be sure items are clean and dry before shipping. Be sure to include: instructions for what you want replaced; return shipping address; phone number; and a check, money order or credit card number (Mastercard or Visa) for the total plus shipping charges of $25.00/drysuit or $20.00/drytop. Return postage includes priority mail service and insurance.

Click here for a gasket service order form

Drysuit Gasket Replacement Prices

Neck Gasket Replacement (G01)
Wrist Gasket Replacement (G02)
$25.00 Each
Ankle Gasket Replacement (G03)
$27.00 Each
Sock Gasket Replacement (G04)
$30.00 Each

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